A Bird on the Wing

A Bird on the Wing

Using traditional Zen stories and responding to seekers’ questions, Osho shows how man must first be grounded in himself before he can fly into the sky of consciousness. Osho takes the reader from subjects as diverse as food, jealousy, businessmen and enlightenment, to how to know if one needs a master, the barriers we create through fear, and gratitude. Good for newcomers to Zen. “Be rooted in the earth so that you can stretch to the sky; be rooted in the visible so that you can reach into the invisible. Don’t create duality and don’t create any antagonism. If I am against anything, I am against antagonism. I am against being against anything; I am for the whole, the complete circle. The world and God are not divided anywhere. There is no boundary: the world goes on spreading into God and God goes on spreading into the world. Really, to use two words is not good but language creates problems. We say the creator and the created, we divide. Language is dualistic; in reality there is no created and no creator, only creativity, only a process of infinite creativity. Nothing is divided. Everything is one — undivided.”


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